Falcons prepare for the Fair

A map of the intra-Kalani Falcon Fair event, which will be held Friday, April 26 on the Football Field and Tennis Court.

Kalani students are ready for this year’s Falcon Fair, which will take place Friday, April 26 at 12:07 p.m. The Falcon Fair ends at 2:30 p.m. but students are permitted to leave school at the usual time of 1:57 pm.

At the Falcon Fair, there will be many different vendors selling food. For those looking for something sweet, see FFA for fried Oreos, shave ice, and funnel cake. The class of 2021 Leadership will be selling cotton candy and Dippin Dots. Key Club will be selling delicious Spanish rolls as well. And to round out the sweets, the class of 2022 Leadership is going to be selling ice cream floats.

For those trying to find a real meal, they should see the Health and Nutrition Club who are selling poke bowls. Knight Club will be selling Somen, a cold noodle dish. Korean Club will be selling fried chicken and Melona bars. And the Science Club will be selling chicken bakes.

The Falcon Fair, on Friday, April 27 from 12:07 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. will have carnival games, prizes, music, a photo booth, food vendors, a dunking booth, and three inflatable 42-foot water slides. Photo by Ka Leo staff 2018.

And for those just looking for something to snack on, they should see Anime Club who is selling fried rice. DECA will be selling water and pretzels. Japanese Club will be selling spam bowls and canned drinks. And the last vendor, the class of 2019 Leadership, will be selling milk tea.

In addition to all these vendors, there will also be three different games available, which require scripts to play.  At the Ballon Dart Booth, the goal is to pop balloons with the dart. If you pop one balloon you get a prize

The second game is at the Ring Toss Booth. One ring costs one script. There will be drinks set up and the goal is to throw a ring around the drink you want.

The last game will be at the Ping Pong Toss Booth. One ping pong ball will cost one script. The goal will be to throw the ping pong ball into a colored cup. For every ping pong ball, you sink you will get one prize.

One script costs $0.50.

There will also be a dunking tank featuring a plethora of different teachers. Two scripts will get you three balls and three chances to sink your favorite or least favorite teacher.

Spread out across the football field will be three free water slides available for student use. One slide is advertised as the world’s tallest, standing at 42 feet.

The last freebie for students will be a photo booth.

Some students aren’t looking forward to Falcon Fair as much as others. “There isn’t anything appealing to me about the event.” Sean Morris, a Kalani senior said.