Freshmen House Olympics

Trinh Tran, Student Life

The three Freshman houses are Laulima, ‘Imi’ike, and ‘Imi’loa are having a House Olympics on May, 14 and May, 16 during advisory at Kalani’s athletic field.

The competition starts on Tuesday with Tug-of-War and 21-Legged-Race.

Tug-of-War will consist of 10 people in each house. Two teams will compete first and the winning team will compete with the last team. All you have to do is pull the rope with all your mighty strength and beat the other team. It’s as easy as that!

The 21-Legged-Race requires 21 people to represent their house. The point of the game is to tie the rope or cloth securely around the touching ankles of your teammates. You are basically standing in a straight line with one leg attached to your right teammate and one leg attached to your left teammate. For this game, you have to work together as a team to run or everyone will fall. So just have fun, be safe, and don’t break a leg.

The following advisory, May, 16, houses compete in the Water-Balloon Sham Battle and the Relay Race.

The Water-Balloon Sham Battle needs 10 people to participate. The goal is easy — to eliminate the other team and win. But keep in mind water balloon has water so if it hits you, you’ll get wet.

Eight compete in the Relay Race with an obstacle course and the team to finish first will win.

If you want to participate but didn’t get to sign-up yet, go to your house teacher for the sign-up sheet and ask if they still need participants. Mrs. Young-Chan is the representative for Laulima, Mrs. Ruelas is the rep. for ‘Imi’ike and Mrs. Omura is the rep. for ‘Imi’loa.

Have fun everyone!