Letter to my freshman self


Serena Wong (12) graduates this year from Kalani High School and plans to study at Kapiolani Community College in the Fall. Photo by Ka Leo Staff 2019.

Serena Wong, Student Life

Dear me,

You probably aren’t going to be able to finish reading this letter, but I am writing this to give you advice for High School, so keep reading!

I know the thought of entering High School can be frightening because of the “jocks” and “popular people,” but in reality, they are friendly. Just don’t do anything to make them mad or they’re going to tell you to meet them at alleys at 2:02.

There are a lot of new people who will enter your life, and at the same time, those who you are close with now will exit. Don’t be afraid of change and know that it is for the better.

Take school seriously and make it a priority because you will realize that getting bad grades will only hurt and limit you at the end.

Don’t believe you are who other people say you are. More importantly, don’t become the person people say you are. Have confidence in yourself and know that you are smarter than you think you are.

If you want the task done, YOU get it done. Don’t have expectations and learn to be self-dependant. If you set expectations for other people you will probably be let down, so do everything you want done yourself and don’t wait around for people.

It’s easy to get an A, just do the work. Manage your time so you are able to complete assignments to the best of your ability. Do your assignments at least two days before the due date and see how much better you feel about the quality of your work!

Learn from your mistakes. You will make tons of errors, but the important thing is to understand and learn what you did wrong so that you can come back stronger.

Lastly, High School is filled with fun people and events, so make the most of every moment because it goes by fast and by the time you know it, you will be entering adulthood.


Serena Wong