The True Tale of Christmas: Retail

Liahna Sedillo, News

December has just begun yet businesses are stocked for the 25th. The retail community loves Christmas, and the public is buying the spirit.

Oahu is no exception. The island is set for a festive holiday season. 

On Black Friday at Ala Moana Center, Macy’s was open from 5 p.m on Thursday until 10 p.m  Friday. PacSun, Hollister, and T&C Surf Designs opened at 6 p.m Thursday until 9 p.m Friday.

The shops are still going strong, and the big brands are relying on the public’s commercial spirit.

“December is by far the most important month of the year,” CNBC reported from Signet Jewelers’ regulatory filings. 

Home to jewelry companies Zales and Kay Jewelers, 40 percent of sales rely on Signet Jewelers’ fourth quarter. Forty-five to 55 percent of their annual income weighs on the holiday season as well. 

Amazon has also reported higher sales volumes in its fourth quarter according to CNBC, but it’s not only the marketing business that benefits from the Christmas joy. 

Halekulani Hotel, located in Honolulu Waikiki, is also preparing for a busy month. 

The hotel’s “end of the year special” includes a package deal of a four-to five-night stay, sold at a higher price than usual. 

“There is a tourism boost during the special, especially because of the included festive events including firework shows,” employee Yoshiko Sedillo stated. 

The holiday season also pays well for Halekulani staff.

“All employees get double pay if you work on federal holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years,” Sedillo added. 

Halekulani is scheduled to finish setting up their Christmas decor by this Wednesday. 

There is no limit to the holiday spirit, according to Kalani high school student Ciera Lynn Shugart. 

“My grandma set up her Christmas decorations mid-October, everything is out at the start of fall and my brothers and I listen to Christmas music before Halloween is even over,” she explained. 

For Shugart, Christmas “just starts early.” 

Businesses and families are taking the season in, and the spirit isn’t dying anytime soon.