Wrestling kicks off at Kalani Gym

Saara Nicole Chadwick, Photojournalism

Ikaika Nishitomi referees a wrestling match on Mat 3 between wrestlers from Mililani (wearing gold on his left shoulder) and Campbell (wearing orange on his thigh) on Dec. 7 at Kalani High School. In the background, two Mililani coaches yell shots to their school’s wrestler, watching him drive his opponent for a pin. Thirty-one Falcons participated: 17 junior varsity players and 14 varsity players. For this Round Robin tournament, wrestlers competed in three rounds per match. High schools participating in the competitions take turns hosting the winter sport’s nearly weekly Saturday events. If you’re interested in supporting Kalani’s wrestling team, visit the school’s athletics website for the tournament schedule. Photo and caption by Saara Nicole Chadwick.