Q1 Distance Learning reveals common struggles

Reyn Machida, Student Life

On Aug. 22, the Hawaii State Department of Education stated that students will be committing to complete online distance learning for the entire first quarter. With the first quarter coming to an end, students wanted to speak their minds on distance learning due to their troubles while experiencing it.

From the beginning, distance learning at Kalani has been a new experience for both the students and the teachers. 

I wouldn’t learn as much online as I would face-to-face,” Emily Quach (11) said.

Some teachers do not understand how some applications and resources work, thus impeding students’ ability to learn. Distance learning also hinders teachers’ abilities to enforce rules and monitor their activity.

One of the downsides of distance learning to me is the freedom we get,” Michael Munday (11) said. 

Munday further explained how freedom gave many students the opportunity to procrastinate. 

Complacency is a big issue when it comes to distance learning, as students feel like they have too much comfort when learning from home. 

“I am comfortable by staying at home, like I can sleep in my bed or watch shows whenever,” Quach explained. 

Distance learning is expected to continue into the second quarter of the school year to protect the students and faculty from the Covid-19 pandemic according to the Hawaii State Department of Education.