The Game Is On For Freshmen House Competitions

Eleni Cheng, News

Get ready, freshmen, for House Competition Number 3! Houses Huiana, ‘Imi Loa, and Lauilma are competing to be the winner of Kalani High School’s House Competition. Huiana is still in the lead, winning the two competitions so far!

Mr. Higa, Kalani High School’s 9th-grade counselor, says house competitions are a big part of ninth grade.

“The point of the house competition is to build a sense of community with your house,” he wrote on his Class of 2025 Counseling, College & Career Google Classroom. “Throughout high school and well beyond, you will have to learn to work with other people.  Even if you don’t like them, you’ll have to learn to work with others toward a common goal.”  

Mr. Higa also writes that there are more competitions to come.

“There will be a whole lot of competitions this year that involve different things.”

Freshman counselors at Kalani communicate to students through Google Classroom. All info and links about House competitions are posted here. Photo by Eleni Cheng.

The next one is a month-long competition running till the end of September, literally running. In this competition, students can either run or walk to see the total number of miles they can do in a month. 

To participate, students can download the Nike run app, to track the miles they run during their runs or walks. At the end of this month, upload a screenshot of the total miles on the app, the house with the most miles will win!

Kalani has already had the first two house competitions. The first competition was for Kalani’s students to give points depending on what team they wanted to win, which was submitted through an online google form. The House that got the most points would win. As you know, Hui’ana won first place with a total of 198 points, Laulima was second with a total of 196 points, and coming in last was ‘Imi Loa with 189 points. 

House Competition number two was a participation competition, where students had to wear black and send in a picture of themselves on Kalani’s school campus. Hui’ana was first place again, ‘Imi Loa got second, and Laulima was third. 

Students can participate in the competitions to help their house gain more points and win! Let’s see who will win house competition number 3; will it be house Huiana again?