Storm Causes Flooding, Blocks Entrance to Campus


City workers feed sawed-off pieces of a giant monkeypod tree into a wood chipper aafter a huge storm caused it to fall and block Kalani’iki Street and the main entrance to Kalani High School at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 7. The tree was partially cleared and the entrance opened by the start of school. “It was actually less crowded for me,” Mina Kohara (11) said. “Probably people stayed home.” Photo by Ms. Nasser.

Lily Washburn, News

A massive storm brought heavy rain and winds upwards of 25 mph to Oahu Monday, Dec 6, causing severe flooding throughout the state. A flash flood warning issued by the National Weather Service remained in effect until 1:15 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service issued a flood watch that remained in effect through Tuesday and predicted that heavy rainfall and thunderstorms capable of producing flooding would persist over Oahu and Kauai a day after flooding shut down schools on Maui.

Schools on Oahu were not closed on Tuesday, except for Pearl City Highlands Elementary and Farrington High School. Kalani was open to students.

However, the storm brought down a tree blocking Kalaniiki Street and the main entrance to Kalani High School, forcing students to enter through the back gate or by the batting cages.

Several students reported that, despite the blockage, there was not a significant delay getting into campus.

The Red Cross opened up several shelters across the state of Hawaii available to residents impacted by the storm. Shelter locations on Oahu include Kalakaua District Park, Sunset Beach Recreation Area, Kailua District Park, and Makaha Community Park.

The National Weather Service reported several road closures throughout Honolulu due to hazardous road conditions caused by heavy flooding and fallen trees.

There was massive flooding in Waikiki and many social media users posted videos that showed an inch or more of water at Kahala Mall. 

Several power outages also impacted residents throughout downtown Honolulu Monday, according to power provider Hawaiian Electric.