The History of Ka Leo O Kalani


Kai Kuruhara, Writer

Ka Leo O Kalani may sound like something new, however it isn’t new at all. Dating back to its first six-by-eight-inch issue on October 17th, 1958, Ka Leo O Kalani has been printing out news throughout the school years. For current students, the school newspaper is unheard of because the most recent paper was published during the 2009 – 2010 school year. Looking back in the previous yearbooks, Ka Leo O Kalani was a big hit. They were up to printing two papers a month to keep up with the students thirst for more information about the school community. With our return, we are happy to introduce the new design of the newspaper. Ka Leo O Kalani will now be online and open to a worldwide audience, rather than just our school community. We hope to make the return of Ka Leo O Kalani yet another success.