School Lunches Improving

Ryan Higashionna, Editorial

So far this school year the school lunches have been tasting better and have been more appealing. The cafeteria has been making a conscious effort to make the food not only tastier but healthier as well. Along with better and healthier lunches, the prices of lunch also seemed to rise.

    School lunches have changed from last year to this year in many ways. Lunches have become more appetizing, better tasting, and healthier. This has led to more students buying lunch and also less food being wasted.

The Kalani school lunch consists of a main entree with a side of grain, a choice of fruits and vegetables, along with white or chocolate milk.

“I enjoy the new school lunches, it tastes better and fresher,” student Isaiah Lee said. 

(make into 3rd person) I also asked a couple of other Kalani students and they responded with the same general answer if they like it a lot better than last year.”

Photo by Brison Kim 2017.

    Isaiah Lee had also mentioned what part of the new lunches he enjoyed the most. “I really like the fresh fruit that they are starting to incorporate with these new lunches, along with the juice boxes.”

    However he had said that he would like to see the portions of the main entree to become bigger., “After eating lunch sometimes I’m not full because the portions of the main entree are often too little,” he said.

    In addition to these new lunches being provided in the cafeteria, they have also set up a lunch kiosk outside the cafeteria in front of the office. This lunch kiosk is something they’re experimenting with to see if it will help reduce crowds and long lines in the cafeteria, and also make it easier for kids to get lunch.

The new lunches, along with the new lunch kiosk, should hopefully persuade students into trying the cafeteria food.