Social Standards

Trustan Kekauoha, Editorial

In society, there are many social standards. Things like how a person looks or how someone dresses or how smart someone is. People think that if someone doesn’t meet these social standards, that person is somehow less than everyone else in society. This is an issue that many people need to be aware of. People shouldn’t have to live up to social standards to be normal or valuable. Everyone should be equal. 

People who act this way are bullies, according to Tatum Johnson, a student at Kalani High School.

“People who judge other people by their appearance, intelligence, etc. are petty,” Tatum said. “Social standards aren’t right. It’s another form of bullying,” Tatum said. Social standards shouldn’t define who someone is.  

Social standards are another type of discrimination. People are constantly discriminated every day based on social standards and that is absolutely not okay. People should not have to change themselves based on social standards.

“How much money someone has, how many followers someone has, or what someone looks like shouldn’t matter,” Sosie Nikoghossian a freshman at Kalani High School said.

People shouldn’t have to change the way they look or act, and change their personal interests just to fit in with society.

“Personality shouldn’t change. Why should social standards matter and why should someone have to change?” Nyree Valdez, a student at Kalani said. “It’s dumb because why do people let social standards affect their thinking?” Nyree said.

Social standards are used almost every day. Sometimes we do it unconsciously by judging someone’s outfit in our head or judging the way someone looks.
 One possible solution would be for people to change their mindset and spread a positive message.