Black Thursday

Black Friday shopping sales shouldn’t start on Thanksgiving.

Tomoki Cheung, Editorial

Black Friday is a one-day shopping event where people wake up really early to rush into stores to buy discounted items within a 24-hour period.

Many stores now discount their items to draw big crowds every year at the start of Thanksgiving instead of the Friday after.

According to, the term Black Friday comes from the accounting records in the 1900’s that would turn from red, which meant a loss in profit, to black, which meant profit. It used to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season, but now it’s the day after Thanksgiving in which many stores offer discounts to the customers.

Due to this fact, more and more stores started their sales on Thanksgiving to make more profit.

Even though stores discount their items, they still make more money than usual from the number of people who shop.

According to Walmart, their Black Friday sales start from 6:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving day.

Because stores start sales on Thanksgiving, the spirit of the day is ruined. Many people have to work when they could be celebrating the holiday and eating with family.

If all stores start Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving, the day might as well be called Black Thursday.