Kalani Artists Take Top Prizes in Regional Competition

Jett Neeley, Student Life

On Wednesday, Jan. 23 Scholastic announced the winners of the Hawai’i Regional Scholastic Art competition. Junior Colleen Kagawa came away with two Golden Keys and an American Visions Award nomination. Kagawa submitted a drawing entitled The Greatest Influence.

“We were asked to do realism portraits and I wanted to do a picture of my grandfather,” Kagawa said. “He actually was the one who got me into drawing in the first place when I was a kid and so I really wanted to make it as great as possible because I wanted to make him proud and I’m really happy with how the piece turned out.”

Kagawa is no stranger to winning. She also won last year but this year is more meaningful.

“It was very overwhelming,” she said. Kagawa was not the only winner from Kalani. The school had six others as well: Tiffany Ly, Cyrah Strawn, Jalen Rose Condes, Lawrence Kim, Ayumu Kodama, and Kelsey Lei. In addition, seven students were given honorable mentions: Jalen-Rose Condes, Colleen Kagawa, Karen Oh, Kaisei Shigeta, Maria Tanaka, Clara Wu, and Emelia Yeung. Some names repeat because students submitted multiple pieces.

Senior Kelsey Lei has also been awarded a full scholarship to the Otis School of Art and Design.