Review: It’s Bruno

Cooper Rea, Entertainment

Netflix’s short film series It’s Bruno is about a man named Malcolm who will do anything for his dog, Bruno (played by Bruno, the dog). The show is set in Brooklyn, New York and Solvan “Slick” Naim (director, actor for Malcolm, and writer of the film) does a great job portraying the stereotypical angry New Yorker with his Brooklyn accent and angry scowl.  Malcolm is often seen protecting his dog by doing ridiculous things like pushing people in Bruno’s way off the sidewalk, to even going as far as beating his enemies up with a wooden stick. 

The set of the show is very believable, probably due to the fact that it was actually shot in Bushwick. The show paints a very raw and authentic picture of what life is like in Bushwick with characters like “Crack-Head Carl” (Donnell Rawlings) who sells stolen items out of his shopping cart and even dog stealing kids.

The dog, Bruno, actually belongs to Naim in real life so their relationship feels very natural and genuine throughout the episodes.

The comedy is easy to understand and based on Malcolm’s attitude toward anyone who crosses paths with him or his dog. This does not at all mean that the show isn’t funny, because it is. Its light-hearted and outlandish comedy has a certain appeal to it that you’d have to watch the show to understand.

Critics agree, too, because it is one of only six Netflix originals with a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

There is only one season out at the time of this article. Naim is currently working on his modern take of Romeo and Juliet but the second season of It’s Bruno is expected to come out sometime next year.