Coronavirus status update as of April 10

Virgil Lin, News


Virgil Lin blanks out as the coronavirus mood engulfs him: dark, secluded, and lurking in the background. Many students are trying to find ways to cope with the boredom of social distancing, and minute moments such as the one pictured above dominate quarantine life. The suspension of public schools until April 30, sports, and extracurriculars also weigh heavily on students’ morale. Photo and caption by Virgil Lin 2020.

Hawaii’s COVID-19 death toll climbed to eight people today as the infection count rose to 465 confirmed infected, up from 442 yesterday.

The State Department of Health said in a statement that over 80% of the 465 cases were from Hawaii residents returning from abroad or the mainland. 

Community-spread coronavirus is nevertheless a major threat to local communities and shows no signs of slowing down.  

“While the majority of cases identified in Hawaii have been introduced into our state by travelers,” the DOH statement read, “…we all need to practice social distancing (i.e., maintaining at least 6 ft distance or 2 arm’s length from others) as well as other important infection prevention measures (e.g., wash hands, clean surfaces regularly) to prevent widespread community transmission.” 

The state’s preventative measures have also been supplemented with a mandatory nighttime curfew for the Easter holiday. Motorized vehicles and other wheeled transportation are mandated to stay off roads from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Foot traffic is allowed during the curfew. 

The curfew only affects Oahu and Maui residents and will be completely lifted on Monday, April 13.

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