Welcome to Kalani, Mr. Gokce!

Virgil Lin and Lin Meyers

Andy Gokce holds his second son on July 28. Gokce officially joined Kalani High’s faculty the next day. Photo courtesy of Andy Gokce, caption by Virgil Lin 2020.

Andy (Omer) Gokce, also known as Mr. G, is a new face among Kalani faculty. Joining the math department for this unprecedented 2020-2021 academic year, he teaches Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry/Precalculus.  

Despite the uncertainty of the school year due to COVID-19, Gokce was excited for the opportunity and encouraged by “a positive and warm approach that made me feel comfortable and eager to start teaching right away.”  

A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Gokce has a varied educational background which makes him uniquely qualified for the math department. 

Gokce obtained his Bachelor of Science in physics from Bogazici University, a prestigious university in Istanbul. Furthering his education, he took several doctoral courses related to physics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. 

He also has prior teaching experience, having taught in Turkey, New York, California, and Hawaii, with Hawaii being his latest posting. 

I’ve been to 11 different countries and around 15 U.S. states so far and, out of all the places I have been to, Hawaii and Kalani are the best so far,” Gokce noted. 

Already, Hawaii’s unique environment emanates from his students, who reciprocate the sentiments of their new math teacher. 

Thimea Varga (10) takes Algebra II with Mr. G and says he makes himself available to students.

“I like that he is there when we have questions,” Varga said. “He’s really chill and I enjoy using Moodle more than the other methods other teachers use to teach.”

Gessica King (12), in his trig/precalc class, feels comfortable learning with him online.

“So far I like him,” King (12) added. “Although we have not met face-to-face he seems to be a very nice teacher.”

Gokce is on the right track to becoming a favorite teacher. Despite the challenges of distance learning, students report that Gokce explains lessons well and makes sure students understand what they are learning. 

“He tries his best when it comes to online teaching,” King said.

Among his students, he is often described as helpful, patient, and understanding. 

“And with every new day at Kalani, I appreciate this school more and become happier here,” Gokce said.