AP Exams Coming Up

AP Exams Coming Up

Aidan Hart, Student Life

Next month Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be held from May 2 to 13. Students should prepare for whatever lies ahead for them in these exams as they will not only earn credit for high school but for college as well.

Mr. Melemai, an AP World History teacher and former football coach explains how the AP exams can be difficult due to the amount of effort needed to pass them.

“The amount of content and knowledge that needs to go into it and the skills are what makes the exam really challenging,” Melemai said.

Students will be tested on all the knowledge they learned from day one and are expected to remember this knowledge. Depending on the exam’s subject, questions will vary.

“The nature of the questions asked is considerably different,” said Ms. Seu, a counselor at Kalani, said. “For AP Computer Science students will be writing and analyzing snippets of code, while for history students will be writing analytical essays.

Counselor Seu advises students to look at old exam questions posted on CollegeBoard, attend group study sessions and ask teachers for help.

Students can also get ready for the exam by preparing their mental well-being and not stress themselves.

“Don’t stress yourself out and don’t become too anxious about it,” Melemai said. “Have the confidence that you’re going to do well so that when you’re taking the test you won’t freak out.”

Students can also view what information will be on their tests by going to CollegeBoard, clicking “Courses & Exams” and selecting a subject. 

“Know what parts you are going to be tested on, also know the content and topics of the test,” Melemai said. “CollegeBoard has this thing called course frameworks for each AP exam so you will know what will be on the exam.

Good luck studying for the exam in May!