Abortion: a crucial right in danger

Shea Brown, Editorial

Abortion is a procedure that ends a woman’s pregnancy. For many years, it has been legal in the United States of America, protected by the supreme court ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973. However, the Supreme Court is debating about overturning the case. If this case is overturned, each state can decide the laws around abortion, putting it at risk of being illegal.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, abortion is an “essential component of women’s health care.” There are many factors that cause women to need an abortion, like rape, contraceptive failures, or life-threatening complications to the pregnancy or fetus.

Around the world, women turn to risky methods like self-inflicted bodily trauma, self-medication, and taking dangerous chemicals when abortion is illegal,. Every year, 21 million women receive illegal abortions. Complications from the procedures result in 13% of all maternal deaths, with 50,000 every year.

Making abortion illegal doesn’t stop it from happening; it promotes dangerous abortions done by unqualified people. This puts both the mother and baby at higher risk of death.  Many women are desperate for an abortion, legal or illegal.

Pregnancy also takes a huge emotional and physical toll on women’s health. In some extreme cases, it can be life-threatening to the woman and the baby.

“The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the Nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives,” Former Judge of the Supreme Court Sandra O’ Day wrote.

Getting an abortion provides many benefits for women. A study shows that women who got an abortion were three times more likely to be above the poverty level than those denied an abortion. The same study also shows that women who get an abortion are less likely to stay in an abusive relationship.

Many people say life begins at conception and that aborting a fetus kills a human life. However, 65% of all abortions happen in the first trimester when the fetus is attached with an umbilical cord to the mother (include source). It is completely dependent on her for survival. Therefore, it can’t be a separate person because it can’t live outside of her womb. In addition, in vitro fertilization often discards fertilized eggs. Why is there only outrage over abortion when this is “murder” as well?

The Supreme Court must uphold Roe v. Wade and protect the health and safety of millions of people. To help keep abortion legal, donate to organizations like Planned Parenthood that work to inform and provide people about services like abortions and screenings. Speak out through social media and talk about it with your friends and family. Abortion needs to be protected, or there will be unmitigated consequences across the nation.