Students stay home after shooting threat


Someone made a school shooting threat in the girls’ bathroom in C-Building at Kalani High School. In the handwritten threat, April 4 was written as the day of the shooting. Staff photo 2018.

Don Ishikawa, News

On April 4, there was a school shooting threat at Kalani High School and the next day many students decided to not show up for school.

In a letter on Wednesday, school officials informed parents of the situation but did not specify who made the threat or what kind of threat it was.

A Kalani high school chemistry teacher explained that the explicit message was written in the Girls’ bathroom in C-building.

“It said something like ‘I’m going to shoot up the school’,” Mrs. Ruelas said.  

This is the latest in a string of threats made at schools across the state. The last fatal school shooting occurred in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day 2018 and resulted in the deaths of seventeen people.

Since that school shooting in Parkland, the deadliest school massacre in the world, a string of threats have prompted schools to tighten security and police to increase their presence on campus.

Officials warn that anyone who makes a terroristic threat could be expelled and potentially face criminal charges.