Kalani welcomes Tyson Matsui!

Kirra Hartney and Cooper Rea

Photo courtesy of Tyson Matsui.

At the end of the 2020 school year, Kalani High School lost many teachers, some to retirement and others to the mainland. This year, the school welcomes nine new teachers from around the island and the world into our ohana, including Tyson Matsui to the social studies department.

Matsui came to Kalani from Kaimuki High, where he had been working for the past 19 years as a substitute Vice-Principal, in online recovery, and as an art teacher.

He grew up in Hawaii and went to Baldwin High School on Maui, where he participated in Track & Field and swimming. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

Before coming to Kalani, he knew many of our teachers and staff so he says it wasn’t a difficult transition for him. 

The amount of work he puts into being a teacher is clearly recognized by other staff members. Vice Principal Dunn-Anzai described Matsui as“respectful, responsible, caring, kind, flexible, and dedicated.”

Matsui says that kids at Kalani have made his transition easier because of how on-task and responsible they are so far this year. He has always looked at the bright side of things and has already found great qualities about our school.

“I became a teacher because I enjoy working with students,” he says. 

He describes himself as laid-back but cautions, if you’re not doing your assignments, he won’t be so easy-going. 

Tyson Matsui is a very active and outdoorsy person and says he enjoys watching sports “the Dodgers especially,” fishing, exercising, and playing golf.

Kalani counselor Lianne Asato has known Matsui for six years due to their sons being good friends and in the same grade at school and welcomes Matsui with open arms.

I was overjoyed to hear that he was joining the Falcon team,” Asato said. “I look forward to seeing him wear a RED Kalani shirt!!!”

It seems like Tyson Matsui will fit in just right at Kalani High School!