Kalani’s Virtual Library is open for business


Kalani High School’s virtual library home page. Access this site under the Academics tab on the Kalani website. Ka Leo Staff photo.

Jasmine Rossiter, Student Life

“My journey to get where I am today is actually about 14 years long, with two breaks in between,” new Kalani librarian Mrs. Miyashiro says. She graduated from UH Manoa with the intention of becoming a Japanese teacher, then decided to pursue her Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLIS). She then returned to UHM “a third time” and became certified as a Japanese teacher. Last year she was a student-teacher at Kalani and graduated in Spring 2020. Prior to Kalani, she was the Library Assistant at Castle High School for 4 years. “I am very thankful to Mr. Otani and the Kalani Ohana for this great opportunity,” she says. Photo courtesy of Daphne Miyashiro.

On Friday, Jan. 23, Kalani’s virtual library opened, courtesy of our new librarian Mrs. Miyashiro! 

Due to COVID-19, physical books cannot switch from person-to-person. Many students need an accessible place for reading; whether it be personal or school-related, and the new Kalani virtual library does just that! 

You can find Kalani’s virtual library on our school website under the Academics tab. It is a Google Slide that features links for any resources you need in your studies. Students must be signed in to their school email account to access these links.

This version of the library will be temporary as Mrs. Miyashiro is currently redesigning the “official” library website. The new website will have the same links as the virtual library but will include other online resources/guides to help students and teachers. There will also be a “Book Recs” form, so students can recommend books for the library to purchase. 

“I wanted to create something eye-catching with quick and easy access to the online services Kalani subscribes to,” Miyashiro states. “I had selected images from the different services and linked those images to their respected websites. The login information was provided for easy access.”

We are so excited for students to have this opportunity for a virtual library as it is a quick and efficient way to find information and personal reading books. Please use this google slide as an advantage to help your learning.