Boys T&F win Easterns

Aidan Hart, Sports

Infographic made using Canva. (Ami Yamane)

On April 16, the Kalani boys’ varsity track & field team won their first Eastern Division team title in its 64-year history.

During the pandemic, our runners missed many opportunities to participate in any competitions to show their hard work.

“The first year I did track, it got canceled because of COVID, and I only had a couple of meets,” said Kayin Maloian (12), a boy’s varsity team member. “The second year, I didn’t have a stage or a championship to showcase my abilities, so learning that I would have a full-length season made me happy.”

After finally hearing the news that championships would return, the track & field team began to train; they grew relationships with their teammates while training together during practice.

“I have a really good relationship with everyone there,” Matthew Frisbie (12) said. “We hang out a lot, and we have fun so I enjoy spending time with them.”

After training for two months, our varsity team tested their strength and endurance by competing for the Eastern Division team title. 

“It’s such a blessing because of how we didn’t have the last two years to train,” Reece Kosaki (12) said. “Having these people on our team allowed us to bond and achieve an incredible accomplishment.”

As they continue to train and work together, let’s cheer them on as they win more in the future!