Football Trip Serves Dual Purpose

Ryan Higashionna, Sports Writer

Last week Kalani High School’s varsity football team traveled to Washington and Oregon to play Mount Tacoma a high school team from Washington State. The players also used this trip to visit a bunch of colleges that they are looking to go to after graduating high school.

  This trip gave many of the players new opportunities and experience that they have never had in their lives before. They got tours around college campuses and saw what life is like in college.

Some of the colleges they visited were Oregon University, Washington University, and Pacific University to name a few. They also got the opportunity to use Pacific’s football facility to practice.

One of the Kalani football players, Javan Montiho, a defensive back on the varsity team, spoke about his experience.

“This trip was amazing, we were able to come together closer as a football team and create better and stronger bonds that will help us throughout the remainder of the Season,” Montiho said. This was also a way for the seniors specifically to do their college visits while up in Washington and Oregon.

Montiho’s thoughts of the game they played were very intriguing.

“I was kind of intimidated when first seeing the opposing team but as the game went on my opinion quickly changed and my thoughts were that we were going to win the game. This trip brought the team together that will help them throughout the rest of the season and hopefully throughout the playoffs.”