Yearbook Students Create Lasting Memories


Students work on the 2017-2018 Kalani High School Yearbook. Photo by Kai Kuruhara 2017.

Staff, Student Life

Yearbook is a year-long class that involves taking pictures, attending events, writing captions, and interviewing students.

The class is taught by Mr. Kawamura who students describe as “very understanding” and “easy to get along with.”

Students are assigned different sections, such as athletics, clubs, and student life.

The typical classroom environment is mainly independent work, but as first years, students will complete projects like photo assignments and caption writing. As you advance, you focus on finishing your pages by the deadline.

Grading is based on meeting deadlines and producing quality work. Students say they put in their best effort because the finished product will be seen and enjoyed by the entire student body at the end of the year.