Business Takes On The World


Photo 2017.

Business is an elective class taught by Ms. Potterton and available at Kalani High School to all students.

Students appreciate Ms. Potterton’s hands-on teaching style.

“She’s a good teacher,” Kim said. “I like how she uses a lot of examples. She has this thing called Point Form and, yeah, they are straight to the point.”

The class has variety so students get many opportunities to demonstrate their understanding. There are three different levels of classes.

“The first year we learn terms and different types of businesses and occupations. The second year we make our own business ideas. And the third year, we enter in competitions to prepare us for real life,” Steve Dole, a Business III student said.

Students appreciate that the class uses authentic, real-world examples.

“For people in business, like DECA, it shows you real-life applications, more so than in other classes,” Kim explained.

The class has strict deadlines that students are expected to meet.

“You can’t not put in the effort because if something needs to be done by a certain time then it needs to be done,” Kim said.

Classwork is graded on the A-F scale and accuracy and effort are emphasized. In Business II and III, you have to complete the work to earn a good grade.

Kim didn’t know what to expect when she signed up for Business but finds that the class offers many benefits to her as a senior and may even persuade her to change career plans.

“I saw Business as very practical and real life and you’ll probably have to know some of it and it doesn’t hurt because you can get CTE Honors and now I’m pretty strongly considering Business as a career,” Kim said.