Photography Embraces Students’ Unique Perspectives


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Rianne Pada, Dylan Shugart, Noah Tamura, Student Life

News writing staff interviewed student Maiya K. Keawe-Costa about the Kalani High School Photography elective. A copy of their conversation is printed below. Transcription has been lightly edited for clarity and grammar.

Question: What is the class about?

It’s a photography class so we do a lot of photography stuff. We watch a lot of documentaries about film and in the first year, Photography 1, we learned a lot of who created the camera and the different aspects of the camera. In Photography 2, it is actually more going out there and shooting stuff so we go around campus a lot and take shots around school during class. We have different photo assignments where we have a lot of different compositions and lighting and we even have themes. A past theme was a Tim Burton theme because of Halloween. Photo, in general, isn’t just about taking pictures, it is about learning all the compositions and learning how to make your pictures look better and then going out there and actually doing it.

Question: How is your class graded?

She grades really easy. As long as you do it and she sees that you tried she will give you credit (for the first year). But for the second year, she is a little more specific. She really wants us to edit our pictures and wants to see a difference.  She grades really easy and gives us advice and we want to do better because of that.

Question: Are these projects individual? Or group?

Mostly individual. But we collaborate a lot in class because we need a subject to take a picture of so we go in groups and take a picture of each other and we show each other. It is individual but there are a lot of group aspects.

Question: Do you have to use a real camera?

No, you don’t. A lot of people do but I have an iPhone 7+ so the camera is really good so I don’t need one. I can still take really good pictures with it and I don’t think it makes a difference. She always tells us it is not about the camera; it is about the person taking the picture so you can have an awful camera and still take really nice pictures.

Question: How many projects do you guys have per quarter?

We have a photo assignment every week but she gives us a lot of time to finish them. It’s an ongoing process so we are busy all quarter. She gives us time in class to go out and take pictures.

Question: What year are you?

Photo 2

Question: Would you take the class again?

Yea, I’m planning to take it next year. It’s fun. I learn a lot about photography and I love taking pictures so I really like this class.

Question: How would you describe the teacher?

She is really nice. I  like her. She talks about our pictures and what inspired us to take them and she gives us a lot of advice. She is just really nice and outgoing and she wants us to be better. She is a really good teacher in my opinion.

Question: Would you say that this class would help you become a professional photographer?

Oh, yea. Definitely. I think this would actually help me. I definitely think this class would help me with that if I put in more time and effort but it is not something I would want to do in the future. I’m just doing it as a hobby. If someone in my class actually wanted to, they would definitely find a lot of new things to learn.

Question: How would you recommend this class?

I would recommend it. My sister actually had her and she recommended it to me so I took it and I loved it so it makes sense. It is an ongoing process because if someone loves the class then they are going to recommend it and I definitely recommend it if I had a younger sibling. I would definitely recommend it.