HOSA, Future Health Pros


On Oct. 14, 2017, volunteers from the HOSA club grouped together in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness this Saturday, as they drew posters and cheered on participants of the 5K walk. They learned the importance of awareness on Mental Illnesses as the walk drew 700 walkers and drew the attention of passerby. Photo by HOSA 2017.

Health Academy, taught by Mr. Kimura, is an elective offered to sophomores and up and is geared towards students interested in the Health field.

The first year involves a lot of group work and presentations. But as you move up, the class requirements become more intensive and authentic according to students.

“As you go on to the second and third year there is a lot of independent and group work,” senior Rosalyn Kagimoto said. She explained that higher-level students also plan merger events and internships.

The typical class consists of around 20 people, and grading is mostly based on project work.

Students enjoy Mr. Kimura’s teaching technique.

“What I like about the teacher is he helps you become independent with working on assignments and time management,” Kagimoto said. “He still helps along the way but he tries to help you become a better person.”