Kalani Freshman Are Ready For High School!


Jayson Nutt April 2016. Wiki Commons.

Staff, Student Life

Transition to High School is a required class exclusive to freshman. This year it is taught by Ms. Tang, and focuses on preparing students for the next four years at Kalani.

The class helps you develop the skills you need for success in high school.

“The class teaches you study habits, study skills, respect, responsibility, thinking of the future, and much more,” student Angela Smith said.

Freshman in Transitions to High School work in groups to tackle real-life problems. Photo by Audrey Tang 2017.

Ms. Tang tries to help the students develop relationship and collaboration skills by assigning group work. The class does not have a lot of homework and is graded mostly on participation.

Ms. Tang has a laid back teaching style and starts off with a Bell Work question, followed by discussion and activities.

“My typical class consists of fun writing activities where you write about various critical thinking topics and you reflect,” Smith said.

This class is so helpful and fun, some students say you’ll want to take it again.

“This class teaches about personalities, psychological thinking, college choices, helpful tips and other points to thrive as a high school student,” Smith said.