Madness for ‘Nova


Noah Tamura, Sports Writer

On Monday, April 2, Villanova defeated Michigan 79-62 in the 2018 Men’s National Championship, which capped off a wild NCAA season and tournament.

The tournament consisted of the first-ever-in-the-history-of-the-NCAA 16 over First seed upset when the University of Maryland, Baltimore County beat Virginia. Another surprise in the tournament was when 11 seed Loyola-Chicago went all the way to the Final Four with the support of Sister Jean.

This basketball season was filled with unexpected teams making winning basketball plays and freshmen making a name for themselves for the 2018 NBA Draft.

For example, freshman point guard from Oklahoma University, Trae Young, led the nation in 27.4 points per game and 8.8 assists per game throughout the regular season. Young is expected to be a top 10 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Another example is freshman forward from Duke University, Marvin Bagley III, led the ACC conference with 21.1 points per game and 11.5 rebounds per game. Bagley is also a top prospect but is predicted to go Top 3 in the draft.  

Although predicting a perfect bracket is nearly impossible, this year’s NCAA tournament felt like one of the most unpredictable seasons ever because of the number of talented teams in the hunt.