HOSA builds skills for life

Ka Leo Staff, Student Life

For students interested in learning about communication, HOSA provides just that. HOSA stands for “Health Occupation Students of America” but was formerly known as Future Health Occupation.

Some students say that the first year of HOSA is difficult because the teacher doesn’t give you any answers. Eventually, it gets easier, though, as you get used to discovering solutions on your own instead of always depending on the teacher.

“When you ask questions, he’s not going to give you the direct answer,” second-year student Tiffany Tong (11) said. “Your best bet is to ask a friend or a second year or third year because they went through it.”

One of the skills you need to get through this class is responsibility. Deadlines are strict and there is no wiggle room.  

“No matter how much argument you put into it, he won’t accept it,” Tiffany Nosic (11) said. “He gives you a lot of work and it’s very time consuming and there’s a lot of projects.”

Two vital life skills are time management and communication, and HOSA teaches both.

“I was lazy, but I developed my time management skills,” Tong stated (11). “Also, I was a really shy person and I didn’t want to reach out so that made me step out of my shell and push myself to do it and get over my fear.”

Although this course may seem difficult, all of the students who were surveyed said they enjoy it.

“I feel like it personally prepares me for college or work after high school, which is good,” Kiana George (11) said.