Unlock your creativity through photography


The assignment for this photograph asked students to “take a stroll in Waikiki” and photograph subjects they found “intriguing,” third-year student Serena Wong (12) said. Photo by S. Wong 2018.

Ka Leo Staff, Student Life

Taking Photography at Kalani will not only help your skills in that field, but it can also teach you about your inner creativity.  If you’re artsy on Instagram then this class is for you. And it will help you build a better feed for your profile! 

During your first year, you learn a lot of the basic skills that are essential for expressing your own creativity.  

“We really used the techniques that we learned in the first year and incorporated it into our photography,” Noelle Kephart (11) said. 

Each year builds on the next.

“We learned what to do when taking a picture the first year but now we’re learning how to edit it,” Kephart said.

The assignments you get are more like mini projects.  To do each project you need time to plan — that’s why you get an assignment every one or two weeks.  

“Some assignments are just Pass or Fail if you do them or not,” Cree Sonsona (12) says.  “And then some are graded on a rubric depending on the difficulty of the assignment and how tedious it is.” 

It’s important to have a good relationship with your teachers because it helps to make the class more enjoyable.

“She tells us her experiences and we share ours,” Cree says. “She’s good at making personal connections to the class and making examples.”

This class is an elective where you learn how to use your creativity and how to express yourself through pictures.

“I think it’s just a good class to have because it’s not so intense, but it’s more laid back and enjoyable,” Cree says. “So now you have something to look forward to when you come to school.”

A photo satisfying the “low-angle photograph” assignment in Photography 1. Photo by Jett Neeley 2018.