Business creates well-rounded students

Ka Leo Staff, Student Life

Are you looking for a class that provides valuable life skills, while still remaining stress-free with lenient grading? Kalani’s Business elective offers all this including a cool teacher and the best thing ever: A/C.

We interviewed three year-four Business students, Johnny Lum, Jun Pang, and Havea Langi to get the scoop on the elective. They all had positive things to say about Mrs. Potterton, the class, and what skills they developed from taking the course.   

“She is really understanding and sympathetic to us,” Pang said. “She is very lax. She gives you reasonable deadlines for the work.”

That’s not to say, however, that students can cruise.

“She’s pretty harsh if you don’t do your workload,” Langi said.

All three of our interviewees agreed that the class was fun and an “easy A” for year ones.

“For me the projects are fun,” Langi said.

Skills developed through this elective include strong organizational and personal skills. Students also obtain important presentation and professional skill set required for the business field. And there’s lots of freedom.

“The work is split up,” Langi said. “It’s self-directive, so she doesn’t force you to follow a set lesson. She lets you go off on your own and lets you manage yourself.”

A small list of these skills include technology, time management, and professionalism, students said.

All three interviewees felt positive about teacher relations, workload, and the assets you acquire from this elective class. However, as fun as the class is at times, it’s still something to be taken seriously, like any other course.

“The class is fun but, at the end of the day, it’s class,” Lum said. “We have a lot of work. We’re doing work and we’re learning, but I have a lot of adoration for the class.”