Freshmen transition to high school

Ka Leo Staff, Student Life

Transitions to High School is a class at Kalani that all freshmen are required to take and it helps incoming students set goals and learn necessary skills to succeed in academia and life. Focus, time management, and study skills are emphasized. 

Students say focusing is an essential life skill. In Transitions, students learn tricks for being and staying focused and developing self-control. 

Students in Ms. Tang’s Period 2 Transitions to High School class work collaboratively on group projects at round tables. Photo by A. Tang 2018.

”We also develop studying skills and listen to music in order to get into the zone,” Taina Tanuvasa stated. “The class will help freshmen make their studying skills stronger.”

Current students say the workload is manageable.

“We don’t have that much homework but sometimes we have big projects,” Camille Dias said. “We had to do a poster and a letter to ourselves.

Most of the work is done in class, some collaborative and some independent.

“We only have homework if we don’t finish the work that we do in class,” Sara Kang said.

Students say the class is graded “mostly” on effort. The skills you learn in this class will benefit you throughout high school and college.