Computer Programming challenges & inspires

Ka Leo Staff, Student Life

Dr. Ida teaches students how to program. In Computer Programming, students are taught many different languages and programs and assigned projects to demonstrate their new skills. The projects are graded on quality, creativity, and how well students follow instructions.

In the class, students explore ”the inner-workings of technology and how far it’s advanced through interactive games, stories, and quizzes that programmers create,” Jessica Lau says. She believes this helps you use your creativity and imagination to create projects using a variety of different technologies.

Dr. Ida gives students space to create whatever they want. The class is filled with challenges, such as complex programs and codes.

“I absolutely love the creativity that we are able to share in this class,” Lau says. “It’s not like math  — which is ironic, it’s Dr. Ida we’re talking about — where it’s all structured and you have to do it a certain way, but it’s imaginative, innovative.”

Students say the class is challenging, but also fun.

“Of course, there will be a structure in the programming itself, certain rules you have to follow, but once you get the hang of those rules, it’s all fun and games,” Lau says. “It’s nice. I’m an independent learner, so this autonomy really is liberating.”

The computer programming class has a supportive teacher that is popular with students.

“I can rely on Dr. Ida to help me when I make mistakes,” Jesse Cumpston says.

For students who worry that Computer Programming will be too rigid, students argue the opposite. They say the teacher gives students time to express their creativity.

“The teacher gives us freedom and creativity to think whatever we want,” Bryan Imada says.