Livin’ The Dream


Surfers take off on a mile-long wave off Magic Island at sunset. Photo by Nikki Sakumoto 2019.

Nikki Sakumoto, Sports

At the age of 26, professional surfer John John Florence is known to be one of the best surfers in the world. He is one of only five surfers in the Men’s Championship Tour to ever win two world titles back-to-back.

Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, as a kid, he would often paddle out at Pipeline. At just eight years old, he started to gain attention from the public which later led to him earning national attention after competing in multiple surfing events.  

According to the World Surf League, he often places within the top 10 of every competition. His only weakness in surfing is “making the impossible look too easy” according to the World Surf League. For example, he is known to often do backflips during competitions, land it with ease, and casually glide away to do more tricks like it wasn’t a big deal.  

Florence is also widely known for his love for sailing as well, which helps improve his knowledge of the ocean.  Besides sailing, he is known for making film projects about surfing, the ocean, and the islands, and how residents should be grateful for them.  He teaches us a lesson with every video he creates which includes the beauty of the ocean and what lies beneath it. 

Parallel Sea

Although John John Florence has come close to winning the Billabong Pipe Masters event multiple times, he has never taken that crown. Florence tells World Surf League that he is “still hungry for more titles” and his fans know that he will continue to use his competitiveness and skills that he has learned throughout his life to finally grasp the Billabong title.