Welcome to Kalani Ms. Yang!

Lin Meyers and Mina Kohara

Ashley Yang is a chill, patient, laid-back Modern History of Hawaii and Participation in Democracy teacher. Although she is a new permanent teacher at Kalani, she is not new to the system. During the Spring Semester last year, she was a substitute teacher for Arts and Communications, Photo 2, Photo 3, and Modern History of Hawaii. 

Ms. Yang teaches Modern History of Hawaii and Participation in Democracy at Kalani High School. Photo by Lin Meyers.

Although teaching students is one of her loves, she has many other interests outside of school. 

“I love surfing, sailing, free diving,” Yang says.

Ms. Yang had to deal with the difficulties of teaching during a pandemic her first year at Kalani and describes it as a “challenge.” 

“Speaking behind a mask all day and trying to utilize more activities where we can connect and collaborate has been a bit difficult with social distancing and all the restrictions,” she explains.

Even with these restrictions, Ms. Yang persevered.

“My goals as a teacher would be to really help students develop the life-long skills that they’ll be able to carry with them for the rest of their lives, such as communication, networking skills, relationship building,” she says. “Those are my biggest values, and that’s really my biggest goal here.”

Her students say they recognize and appreciate her efforts. 

“She’s kind because I think she genuinely cares about every student, and she’s genuine,” Yuki Kimura (9) expresses. “When a student needs help, I feel like she would do a lot to help the student understand whatever she or he is struggling on.” 

Her students describe her as helpful, intelligent, and assertive, and she is well-liked by her freshman.

When I ask her a question, she answers in detail and not just quickly or uncertainty,” Robert Haak (Grade 9) explains. 

Ms. Yang is excited about this new school year and helping her students progress. 

“What am I most excited for about the coming year or the future is really just seeing the growth of my students from start to finish,” she says.