Balancing Athletics & Academics in High School


Kalani staff infographic.

Leilani Phan, Student Life

Student athletes’ lives are complicated as they work hard to balance a sport and academics throughout the school year.  

Being a student-athlete can be “stressful sometimes,” according to Kalani freshmen Sydney Sung.

“I have to rush to try to get everything done,” Sung says

In order to balance everything, students say that sleep is often sacrificed. 

“In the mornings I have all this energy, but later on it starts getting to me,” Sung says.

Kalani athletes try their best to get their homework done every single chance they get.

“I do a lot of my work during Advisory,” Haylie Kawate (9) says.

Although sports can be hard and time-consuming, most say they’re worth it. The experience can be “fun,” according to Sung.

“Even if we lose, it’s still fun because you’re with your friends,” Sung said.

Freshman English teacher Ms. Setiadi, former swim coach and student-athlete, thinks sports are important as it help students “build bonds” that are important.  

“I know how much it meant to me to have that mental release and that competitive vibe with your friends,” Setiadi explains.