Kalani Ceramics Keeps Ancient Craft Alive


Stock photo 2017.

Staff, Student Life

Ceramics maximizes your creativity and students are challenged to create various clay-fired pieces throughout the year.

The class requires mostly independent work, but students give each other feedback and help each other when they don’t know what to make.

You learn a few techniques in the first few classes of the year, students said, then apply these skills to your projects. You are required to complete three projects each quarter; two are specifically assigned by the teacher, and the last is up to you as long as you follow the benchmark.

Mr. Toyama teaches this course and he is adored by many students.

“Mr. Toyama is super nice and is the sweetest guy ever. He will be one of the nicest teachers you will ever meet on campus,” third-year ceramics student Alyssa Luu said.