Air Riflery receives equip overhaul

Virgil Lin, Sports

Kalani’s Athletic Director Mr. Gregory Van Cantfort recently announced that the Air Riflery team hovers on the brink of receiving a comprehensive equipment overhaul within the coming weeks. 

The extensive upgrades include several “Challenger” type air rifles, air tanks, target frames, and a catchment system underneath sheet metal backings to catch spent lead pellets. 

Boys Varsity Coach Craig Garcia states the upgrades are partially necessitated by a need for better environmental stewardship on the range and a desire to strengthen the team’s dedication to the sport. 

“I’m actually just excited to get everything… and make it a little bit easier for the athletes as well as the coaches to get to that point [of competitiveness],” Coach Craig commented. “We’re able to get by with what we have; however, it definitely makes things a lot more convenient… so we can focus more on training, focusing, and getting more practice in.” 

Coach Craig emphasized that a primary focal point of the equipment renovation also regards the maintenance and reduction of lead pellets on the range, which poses a slight — but present — health hazard to the athletes and the environment surrounding the range behind J Building. 

He noted that the work in progress catchment system allows athletes to spend less time cleaning up after practice and more time training, while simultaneously reducing the immediate area’s risk of lead contamination.

“To be able to move in this direction is very exciting, and to be able to have this equipment without using extra time — you know, to sweep and clean up after ourselves — will make us a lot more efficient,” Coach Craig said.